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NOTES for Adam:
Refer to the HISTORY OF WASHINGTON CO. , INDIANA (1884) by Goodspeed Bros.,& Co. Page 709 Settlement of Monroe Township. The first settlers of what is
now Monroe Twp., were Thomas Denny, Dempsey Rice, Jacob Hattabaugh, and
William Logan who came in 1809. Adam Housh, Jacob Zink, Michael Ring, and
George Hattabaugh came the next year. Page. 702. Andrew Housh sank a good
tankard between Plattsburg and Millport about 1816. George Housh had a distillery.
Page 679 THE FORTS AND BLOCK HOUSES Immediately succeeding these attacks the settlers of the county flew for protection to the few block houses that had been erected, and hastily built others. , in all numbering about fifteen in the county. These were located, so far as can be learned, as follows: Two called Beck's Forts neat John Beck; one called Lick Fort, at Royse's Lick; one at Samuel Catlin's, three miles north of Fredericksburg; one near Korsuth, in Monroe Township, called Logan's Fort; one called the Hattsbaugh Fort near Plattsburg; one at Salem, where John Manley lives; one near Harristown; one three miles southwest of Salem; one near Livonia; one near the Quaker Church; one called Brock's Fort, on the land of W.L. Reman; one on Section 7 in the northwest part of Franklin Township; one called the Fleener Fort, near Wesley Jones', and very likely others, the location of which could not be learned. These "forts" were usually heavy log-cabins provided with port-holes from which to shoot, and furnished to accomadate several families: but in some instances real forts were built as at Hattsbough's enclosure in Monroe Township, where a row of log cabins provided with port-holes, etc. was built together with a high block-hose at each end, and then all surrounded by a high fence of heavy slabs planted firmly in the ground , and leaaving a space of about a rod around the cabins. Several of these block-houses or forts hac been built before the general uprising, and after that others were hastily erected and occupied by the families of the settlers. In the Hattabaugh Fort were gathered the families of Robert Ellison, Demse Rice, Thomas Denny, Elisha Driskell, Elijah Rinker, Issac Beeler, George Hattabaugh, John Ramsey, and others. At Brock's Fort were those of George Brock, George Brock Jr., Adam Barnett, William Gordon, Frederick Neighdever, William Kemp , William Natherton and others. At Young's Fort were Joseph Reyman, Isaac Miller, Jacob Miller, John Neighdever, Henry Carter, Benjamin Nicholson, James Young and Mrtin Putoff. At Logan's fort were William Logan, ADAM HOUSH, E. Pitts, Western Hattabough, Mr. Thompson and Mr. Denny. Dewalt's Fort was full, but their names cannot be given. Beck's Forts were also full to overflowing. Many were in McNight's Fort in Franklin Township. The fort near Sinking Spring, Madison Township, was large and contained about a dozen families. The wives, children and helpless were crowded into these forts, while the men armed and organized to be in readiness for any attack. About this time a raid was made into the Brown and Jefferson Townships, and horses were stolen. In September, 1812, occurred the Pigeon Roost massacre, it---County, seventeen women and children were murdered
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PROBATE of ADAM HOUSE-letters of administration
Putnam County, Indiana, January the 20th, 1830
Joshua Burnet adminisrator of the estate of Adam House Decd. After taking to his assistance Willis Redding and Wm. Elrod as Apraisers proceeded to take an Inventory of te Personal Estate Afforesaid, State of Indiana ) Before me Joshua Gullet one of the Justices of the Peace Putnam County ) for the county Afforesaid personally apeared Willis Redding and William Elrod and took an oath for the faithful and impartial Discharge of their duty as Appraisers of the personal Estate of Adam House Desd, Signed, Willis Redding & Wm. Elrod.
Sworn to Before me this 20th day of January, 1830 Joshua Gullett Bill of the property Afforesaid.

One bay mare apraised to $45- 0
three drawing knives 1- 121/2
one bed and furniture 11- 25
three Augurs 1- 0
one Haukcle 1- 50
one iron square 0- 50
one bareshear plow 2- 5
one puter dish six plates and 5 spoons 2- 50
one Saddle and bridle 6- 0
one Rifle gun and Shot pauch 9- 0
one hammer 0- 371/2
one pair of horse gears and coller 2- 0
set shoemakers tools 1- 0
two chopping asces(axes) 2- 50
sheep shears and looking glass -62
one log chain 2- 50
two chissles and gauge -50
one plough 1- 25
one lot of files -371/2
one iron wedge 1- 0
jointer two crowses and 1- 0
one stone hammer 0- 75
--gun lock - 50
one peace of log chain 0- 75
two raiser hone 1- 0
one hand sau 0- 50
one lot of irons 1- 25
one wheel spindle - 61/2
one bell and coller - 371\2
one bottle and cake of tallow 1- 0
one chest - 25 one hide in tan 2- 75
one hat and powder 5- 0
one funnel and spurr - 121/2
one footads Lapring & one lantern & two meal bags 1- 0
grindstone 2- 75
wearing clothes of the Dec. 10- 0
peice of jeans and bed tick 4-0
bed sted and cord and weeding hoe 1- 25
one leather apron & tobacco -371\2
One pair of horse shoes 1- 0
Four bushels and half corn -15
Fifteen Bushels of corn 3- 0
one iron wedge 1-75
Joshua Gullet Debtor 6- 0
Thomas House Debtor 3-25
Jonathan Ireland Debtor 2- 0
Adam House Debtor 3-0
cash in possession of Decesd 5- 0
one Eagle piece of gold 5-0
Loaned money to Joshua Burnet 20- 0
Andrew House Debtor 29-83
George House Debtor 12- 0
one note on hand on Adam House 60- 0
one note on hand David House 20-0
David House Debtor 5-0

to one log chain 2.87
William Elrod to one piece of log chain 1.00
Francis Epperson to three Augers
Thomas Housh to one plough
Joshua Burnett to one pair ____
Joshua Gullettt to one stone hammer
David House to one meat Ax
James Johnson to one saddle blanket 4.00
David House to one plowshare & collar 2.20
Joshua Gullett to one gravestone 2.22
Joshua Burnet to five spoons .13
Jonathan Ireland to peace of genes 2.56

Joshua Gullet bottle and caster oil
J___Brown to one chopping ax
John Elrod to one iron wedge J
oshua Burnet to one bay Mare 45.37
David House to one pair of gears 2.22
Thos. Scott to one Rifle 5.66 David House
one iron wedge .85
Joshua Burnet to two shears
Joshua Gullett to one cake of tallow
Francis Epperson to one ___
Joshua Burnet to puter dish and six plates 2.27
Joshua Gullet two yds bed ticking .75
Joshua Burnet one looking glass Etc.
Putnam County,Indiana, Complete Record Book "A" Probate, May, 1825-Mar. 1840 Bottom of page 90, and all of page 91 State of Indiana) Putnam County )
Adam Houshes estate Be it remembered that hereofore towit on the 7th day of January 1830 the clerk of our said Court in Term time issued letters of administration on the estate of Adam Housh to Joshua Burnett and thereupon said Joshua Burnett took the oath required b law and entered into bond in the words and figures following towit Know all men by these presents that we Joshua Burnett and Joshua Gullett are held and firmly bound unto the state of Indiana in the penal sum of four hundred dollars the payment of which well and truly to be made we bind ourselves and our heirs firmly by the presents sealed with our seals and dated the 4th day of January 1830.
The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the said Joshua Burnett has this day taken our letters of administration on the estate of Adam House deceased now therefore if said Burnett shall well truly and faithfully to do the duties required by law as administrator in said case thru said obligation to be void otherwise to be in full force in law. Witness our hands and seals. signed Joshua Burnett & Joshua Gullett. Teste G.F. Waterman and afterwards towit on the 1st day of March AD 1830 the said Administrator filed in the clerks office of said court an inventory in the words and figures following towit: Joshua Burnett After taking to his assistance Willis Redding and William Elrod as apraissers proceeded to take an inventory of the person estate aforesaid.
To one Bay mare $45.00
1 set shoemakers tools 1.00
1 bed & furniture 11.25
Sheep shares & looking glass .62
1 hackle 1.50
2 chisels 1 gauge 1 square .50
1 barsher plow 2.50
1 lot of files .371/2
1 saddle & bridle 6.00
1 jointer 2 crowss 1.00
1 Rifle Gun & shot pouch 9.00
Gun Lock 2 razors & shettle 1.00
1 pr. of horse geirs & collar 2.00
1 lot of old irons 1.25
2 chopping axes 2.75
1 wheel spindle .061/4
1 log chain 2.50
1 bell and collar .371/2
1 plow 1.25
1 bottle & cake of tallow 1.00
1 iron wedge 1.00
1 chest .25
1 stone hammer .75
1 hide in tan 2.75
1 piece of log chain .75
1 hat and powder 5.00
1 pair of steal shoes 1.00
1 funnel and spurr .121/2
1 hand saw .50
1 foot adds lapring& grind stone 2.75
3 drawing knives 1.121/2
1 lantorn 3 viols & 2 meal bags 1.00
3 augers 1.00
wearing clothes of dec'd 10.00
1 iron square .50
1 piece of Jeans and bed ticking 4.00
1 hammer .331/2
1 bed stid & cord & weeding hoe
1.25 1 puter dish 6 plates & five spoons 2.50
1 leather apron and locker .371/2

Putnam Co., Ind., Complete Record Book "A" probate May, 1825-Mar 1840 bottom half of page 98 and Afterward
towit the said probate court on the 12th day of Mar 1831 Joshua Burnett administrator of the estate of Adam House dec's appeared by G.F. Waterman his council and demanded a settlement in above case which was granted him and After an investigation of the same it appeared that there was a sum of two hundred dollars to be divided among ten heirs which would be twenty dollars each. It is ordered therefore that distribution be made accordingly and that said administrator bring the receiipts by the next Term of this Court and make final settlement and this cause is continued and afterwards towit at said court met and held for said County on the 5th day of May 1831 -- Comes now Joshua Burnett Administrator of the estate of Adam House dec'd and for good cause shown this cause is continued for final settlement and afterwards towit at said court continued and held fo said coming on the 21st day of May 1832 comes Joshua Burneett Administrator of the estate of Adam House deceased persuant to an order of this court heretofore made and produces his receipts and vouchers showing to the satisfaction of the Court that he has fully administered on said estate. It is therefore considered ordered and decreed that the said Joshua Burnett administrator as aforesaid be discharged from further services as such administrator


Copy of Letter of administration to Joshua Burnett in estate of Adam Hush Putnam Co., Ind. First box of estate packets in County Clerk's Office.
Know all men by these presents that we Joshua Burnett and Joshua Gullett are held and firmly bound unto the State of Indiana in the penal sum of four hundred dollars, payment of which will and truly bo be made we bind ourselves and our heirs entirely by the presents, to abide by our seals and test, this 4th day of Jan, 1830. The condition of the above obligation is such that when as the said Joshua Burnett has this day taken out Letters of Administration on the estate of Adam House deceased. Now therefore if said Burnett shall well, truly and faithfully do the duties we find by law, as administrator in said case the said obligation to be recorded, otherwise to be in fll force in case. Witness our hands and seals
Test G. H. Waterman
Joshua Burnett hisXmark seal
Joshua Gullett seal
Copies of receipts on file from heirs of Adam Housh Estate, Putnam Co., IND.
1. Joshua Burnett send me by Noress Danels fifteen dolers the Balance of the Money that is Comeing To Mee and this shall Bee yore Rreste for the Same this 3 of Janr 1832 Andrew Housh
2. Received of Josuay Burnet twenty dollers of the astate of Adam Housh D.C. August 11th 1831 Adam Housh
3. August 11th AD 1831 Received of Josuay Burnet twenty dollars' of the astate of Adam Housh Deceist as administration of Adam Hous dc Gorge Hous
4. November the first day 1831 to Joshua Burnet sir pleas to send me my part of my fathers Estate Jacob House a son of Adam House Decd and this will be your receibt for the saim which is twenty dollars send in by George W. Preston.
5. Received of Joshua Burnet administrater of decd Adam Hosh Decesed the just and full sm of twenty dollars my parte of the estate which I prommis to refund back againe if call on if more than my parte of the Estate this the 18 day of April 1831 Joshua Gullett
6. Received of Joshua Brnit Administrator twenty dollars of Adam house Deceased all of his part of the estate this 8th of September 1831. P. Carpenter Thos X House (his mark)
7. May the 2 1831 Received of Joshua Burnet Adminorator of Adam Housh De'c $20 dolars pay Rceived By Mee David Houshe 8. November the first Day 1831 to Joshua Burnnet Sir pleas to send us what mony is coming to us patsey and saly huff Daughters of Willemeny House and hier a Daughter of Adam House Decd and this shall be your recibt for the saim send it By George W Preston
9. May the 2 1831 Received of Joshua Burnet 29 dolars adminstaor Adam Housh estate - Jonathan Ireland
10.October the 3 Day 1831 received of Joshua Burnet my part of the estate of Adam Hous Decd which is twelve dollars it belonging to the heirs of Wille Mena Preston a Daughter of the said Adam Hous that is heir children Milo and Mary Preston all children of the said Mena Preston and of George W. Preston as your recbt for $12 Dollars for the above named children (John Housh not named)
Extracted 1 Jul 1976 Betty G. Kempf
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